Meet the Producers - WomenCraft

7th Mar 2018

          In response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Burundi, WomenCraft started working with UNHCR to create one distinctive, artisan collection made by women refugees … read more

Meet the Producers - UPPM

12th Feb 2018

UPPM is an organisation based in Bosnia Herzegovina. In 2016, 85 families of Bosnian farmers from the Prijedor area (strongly hit by the war in the 1990s) joined together to collect fragrant wild herb … read more

Meet the Producers - Craft Link

25th Jan 2018

Craft Link is a not-for-profit organization that began its work in 1995. They carry out projects with artisans from various ethnic minorities, in the central highlands of Vietnam. Their vision is … read more

Meet the Producers - Coopecañera

18th Jan 2018

Coopecañera was founded in May 1972 in a particularly poor area of Costa Rica, in order to offer the necessary tools for the extraction of sugar from cane to small agricultural producers and to be abl … read more

Meet the Producers - PerlaLuna

8th Jan 2018

PerlaLuna is a space to design and craft gift ideas, furnishing accessories, fashion accessories and personalized objects for ceramics and papermaking.PerlaLuna offers job opportunities for users … read more